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Our Services

Web Design & Development

We design and build websites that look great, load quickly, are user friendly and mobile ready and above all easy to maintain.

Using a mixture of content management solutions including Typo3, Drupal, Wordpress, and Open Cart to design, develop, host and maintain websites for everyone from start ups to multi-nationals. We believe a consistent design reflecting your brand, marketing objectives and the target audience is essential to its success.

We have a wide range of experiences implementing and customising off the shelf CMSs for clients.

We have also developed many custom CMSs using various technologies





Digital Marketing

As part of your overall marketing strategy we recognise the importance of being able to provide a good mix of digital marketing services.

Over the years we have worked with large agencies, specialist digital marketing teams and dedicated social media planners. Not everyone can afford a dedicated agency for specialist services so at Liquid Marketing we do the basics well and give solid practical advice on how to deliver a blended marketing campaign.

Branding & Print Design

From start up businesses to corporate projects branding is at the heart of what we do. For every client the branding and graphic design is a visual representation of the aims, objectives and energy that surrounds their project.

We offer all aspects of print and graphic design services suitable for small to medium sized print requirements, but with the quality to ensure you can rely on your branding and print design matching you online presence.

Business cards, letterheads, Comp slips etc

Newspaper and Magazine adverts



Our Work

About Us

Liquid Marketing began working with its first client in August 2001(then as SQN Solutions), with the challenging yet exciting brief to develop and launch a high quality 10,000 page website servicing 27 countries.

Since then, the passion to constantly build upon our experience and knowledge has lead us to work with technical and design teams in London, New York, New Delhi, Australia, Argentina and South Africa, complimenting our internal offering and providing our clients with cost-effective, quality work.

Today we offer a wealth of practical knowledge and guidance for our clients. We have some that are still with us from the very early days and of course lots that we have added along the way, mainly from word-of-mouth. The one thing that remains constant is that our clients trust us to deliver their projects to the highest standards on time and on budget.

How we work

We have worked with many clients over the years which has lead us to work by three core principles:

  • Provide an open and honest environment to work with clients. We see our clients as partners and as such Liquid Marketing is an extension of your business. We give you our honest opinion, work to achieve the highest good for your business, and give you value for money.
  • We want to work with clients who have the same attitude. Where there is an open relationship and we work as partners to achieve the best possible outcome then you are happy with the result, have a partner you can rely on for the future, and value our service.
  • Enjoy our work. The best possible way to create a successful project is to enjoy the work and working together. Simple as that.

Client Management

We have a very open approach to client management. Basically the customer is always right, unless they need some guidance or steering in the right direction. In terms of running our projects we aim to keep things as simple as possible so we can focus on delivering the best possible results.

Our simple approach to understanding requirements and delivering the end result is:

Define, Design, Develop, Deploy

  • Define: a project brief and discuss the aims and objectives for the final outcome, so that everyone has the same expectations, a must to have a successful result.
  • Design: is an iterative process for, graphic design, technical architecture or choice of systems, if building a website or digital solution. Design really is a whole solution process.
  • Develop: the final solution, whether it be print ready artwork, a digital campaign or website development. The development phase is where it all happens and the project springs to life.
  • Deploy: the end result out to the client and the relevant audience, whether that be launching a website, distributing a catalogue or publishing an advert.

Once we have finished the work, depending on what it is, we will also provide on going support and maintenance for websites or anything else that is needed. You’re not on your own.

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